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Post by 89WhiteXJ on 6/24/2011, 11:12 pm

This is straight off Craigslist.

new york craigslist > brooklyn > personals > rants & raves
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best of craigslist

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Date: 2011-06-17, 12:43AM EDT
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I recently got out of the military and moved back home for good. A lot of the people I used to know have moved away or moved on with life and I looked to Craigslist as a way to meet some new women to possibly date. I found nothing but a ton of bullshit, heres some observations I've made about Craigslist:

- The overwhelming majority of the women on here are seriously overweight. It didn't suprise me that overweight women use online dating, but the amount of obese women on here is insane. Of course none of them use the word "overweight" or "fat", its "big beautiful woman" on the internet. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, but women taking pride in being unhealthy blows my mind. I've seen ads that say things like " I'm a BBW and proud". You're proud that you're unhealthy and more prone to develope a laundry list of medica problems out of sheer laziness? I'm no health nut, but come on ladies, take decent care of yourselves, especially if you're going to demand that your potential date have six pack abs.

- Women on here are obsessed with college degrees. 90% of the ads on here require the potential date to hold atleast a 4 year degree. While I value education and will be enrolling in college in the near future, I think its retarded to demand that a future boyfriend have a degree. You mean to tell me that anyone without a degree isn't worth knowing or dating, but everyone with a degree is? I know some bright people that make good money who don't have degrees, and a thousand college graduates living with their parents or working retail jobs. Demanding a college degree is even more retarded when the women demanding the guy has a degree doesn't even have a degree herself! I've notice however that most of the women who list a degree as a must are 22 year old girls with bullshit liberal arts degrees like "art history". Have fun being a snoody stuck up bitch while you work at Starbucks and stay single. Will you put whipped cream in my cider when I ask, or would I need a college degree for that too? I know people attending expensive universities like NYU who I wouldn't trust making me a fucking cup of coffee.

-Height is next on my list. Women on here are OBSESSED with how tall a guy is. I understand that women want a bigger man with a strong, masculine build. thats perfectly reasonable. I never realized height was this big of a deal though. The average height for an American man is 5' 9", not 6'. What are all these guys suppose to do? Never date because they're a couple inches shorter? I don't see guys writing ads that say "You must have DD tits". I'm sure there is a thousand guys under 6 feet tall on here that are attractive with good personalities that are worth knowing. Just for the record, theres no little man syndrome here. I'm 6 feet tall so I fit the requirement most women on here have, it just annoys me to see that every women demands height.

- The 8 inch dick rule. Who decided that the standard length for a nice dick was 8 inches? Did women have a union meeting and decide that was the exact size required to go on a date? The average penis length for an American man is 5 1/2 inches supposedly. Any man with less than 8 inches isn't worth dating? I got news for you ladies, 98% of men have less than 8 inches. My dick is less than 8 inches and half the women I've had sex with say it hurts or make me slow down, and I'm not trying to flatter myself. 95% of these 20 year old girls demanding a huge dick wouldn't even be able to handle one. Also, being required to send a picture of my genitals to someone I havn't met is creepy, it also makes the girl requesting the cockshot come off as being sleazy as hell just for the record.

- The "cultured" pretentious bullshit is next. Most ads posted by liberal minded New York women mention being cultured or requiring a man of culture. Define culture. I've seen ads on here posted by women who come off as being loud mouth annoying Italian guidette bitches who's idea of culture is getting their nails done in Jersey and going out for penne. Then we have the liberl arts degree snoods I mentioned earlier who think because they have read some Dostoevsky that that makes them sophisticated or holier than thou. Get your heads out of your asses kids, you have little to no life experience.

- Being well traveled. Most of the women on here who have been outside the U.S. once or twice consider themselves "well traveled", and apparently that makes them more desirable? Some of them demand that a potential date also be well traveled. I've been all over Asia and the Mid East and while it was a fun experience I don't think it would make me a better boyfriend. It cracks me up to think that women on here think that taking a trip to Cancun for spring break 4 years ago makes them cultured or better than other people.

- Women want to date cops on here. I understand that a lot of women like a man in uniform, but this also cracks me up. I'm not hating on women who like men in uniform, like I said I just got out of the military, but why a cop? I didn't think overweight, balding, donut chasers with a superiority complex and below average intelligence would be sought after by women on the internet. The majority of the cops I've met are squares with no sense of humor and aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. If uniforms are your thing then atleast find a military man or firefighter.

- Ah now we move onto the CEO issue. Every gold digging bitch on here wants a CEO. Do you realize how few CEOs there are in this world? Maybe 1% of the business world is a CEO, if that. Do you really thinking those guys making $300,000 a year are on Craigslist looking for BBWs or crazy broads? Get real ladies.

- Black or hispanic hookers who want white johns. You gotta love the hookers looking for "upscale" customers. I got news for you sluts, upper class business men don't need to hire hookers. Guys hiring hookers are losers who don't know how to get pussy, and most are probaly shady as fuck. Also, whats the difference if you're fucking a white guy for money or a black guy for money? What do you think old white guys are sitting around thinking "Man I wish I could be a black hooker's ticket out of the projects"? If you want to work with "upscale" people then prostitution probaly isn't your ideal career choice.

-Accents. Every other girl on here wants a guy with some type of Europea accent, usually Brittish. Some even say that an absence of a accent is disqualifies you for a date with them. Realistically 99% of guys on here wont have an Brittish accent. Women find accents mysterious, but once you've traveled outside the U.S. you realize there are good people everywhere and shitty people everywhere. Once you meet average Joes from other countries you realize there is nothing mysterious about a man with an accent. Stop watching One Life to Live and get real please.

Thats all I can think of for now.

What ever happened to meeting someone you are attractive to, finding out you have something in common with them, realizing they are a good person and starting a relationship? Looking at ads on Craigslist feels like filling out a job application.

I know not all the women on here are undesirable or snoody, but come on ladies stop complicating this so much. You're most likely not perfect, and you're not gonna find a Ken doll on here. Look for a good guy you're attracted to and take it from there. I'm not saying don't have standards, but you cant come online and design your dream man it doesn't work that way.

I'm really starting to think American women are a waste of time. Guys, try dating a European woman, seriously. Half the attitude, half the fat, twice the brain and personality.

If you wanna continue using the internet to meet women check out meetup.com. Great way to actually meet real people.

-I'm out

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Post by 4x4melissa on 6/25/2011, 1:13 am

Where did you find this crazy shit? It is sad but true Laughing

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Internet Dating Empty Re: Internet Dating

Post by 89WhiteXJ on 6/25/2011, 1:38 am

It was posted on another Forum I am on. I liked it.
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