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Gear lube installer

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Gear lube installer

Post by MudRaider on 12/28/2011, 6:22 pm

If anyone needs to borrow a gear lube installer with 6' of hose on it let me know. Did a service on the M/T in the Shogun, and went to put the GL4 90w in it with my gear lube installer/can top. You know the thing I'm talking about, it screws on top of a quart or gallon jug, comes with about a foot of clear hose, and you can twist the top to keep the fluid in the bottle. Well, that one foot of hose wasn't going to work too well. Moved the bottle into the engine compartment, and effin hit the starter wire. Started cranking, rolled forward off the jack stands, fortunately I still had the jack under it and that caught it. Sometimes even a blind squirrel can find an acorn i the woods. Immediately went to Lowe's and got 6' of that clear hose and extended the reach. Well, after I went and changed my drawers. So if anyone needs to borrow that, let me know.

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Re: Gear lube installer

Post by DIRTY on 12/29/2011, 12:51 am

got one drill operated .sucks out and blows in lol!

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