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Ride Requirements

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Ride Requirements

Post by 89WhiteXJ on 10/4/2011, 10:44 pm

These rule will be enforced when going out on a trail.

1) NO alcohol/drugs before or during any Off~Camber 4x4 ride

2) Respect others...we are not the only people out there

3) Pick up after yourself

4) All rigs must have :
[list][*] At least 1 solid tow point front and rear.
[*]Proper restraint devises, you need good working seat belts for all passengers.
[*]100% functional 4 wheel drive, don't bring a broken rig on a ride.
[*]100% functional brakes, if you have trouble stopping the steep inclines will compound the issue.
[*]If you have a winch, it must be correctly mounted and you must carry a tree saver or strap.
[*]If you have to borrow someone else's recovery equipment you should go ahead and buy that item.
[*]All safety equipment required by the park.

Thats it. Lets keep it simple and fun for everyone.

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